Friday, November 8, 2013

Another Visit With Braden

Tristan didn't have school today so we surprised the children and went to see Braden! They were really excited but also a little nervous. We rang the door bell and had to wait a little till Miss Sharon opened the door. Kiana was fairly dancing and Joseph volunteered to knock. They got all shy when Miss Sharon welcomed us in. She spoke with us a few minutes before she went to get Braden. He came into the room and sat beside Miss Sharon. I asked if I don't get a hug. He came running and gave me a big squeeze. 

A big bear hug! I love this little guy. 

Joseph and Braden

Kiana and Braden exclaiming how tall they had grown

Tristan and Braden

After hugs and small talk, Braden apologize to each of us. We readily forgave him.
He was so amazed by how much Luna had grown and how much she could talk. Luna followed him around the whole time we were there. It was so special watching them interact. We all found it hard to leave him behind but I know it is in everyone's best interest to slowly adjust to the "new" Braden. Next week I go down for an over night visit/training in preparation for his first home visit over Thanksgiving. Thanks for the prayers, they helped make this visit such a success. As for Luna, we are still waiting. Your prayers are keenly felt and mean more than we can say!

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