Monday, November 4, 2013

Skype & Hot Chocolate

First thanks for all the prayers that are being lifted on our behalf. We received a discouraging email on Saturday which left us feeling overwhelmed. I sent out a quick email asking for prayer and within a few hours both Dean and I felt our burden being lifted. God is good! There isn't much to report on Luna's case at this point. Keep praying.
  On Saturday Dean and I had our first Skype visit with Braden. Felt kind of weird talking to a computer screen. Braden kept putting his face closer to the screen in order to try to see us better. Luna was in on the visit, the other children were playing as we felt it would be better for them to talk to him in person. Braden is doing so well, we are just thrilled! He was so happy to see Luna and kept exclaiming over how well she can talk. He said he is going to give her a hug when he comes home. I asked if I get one as well and he laughed and said, "YES!" We are anticipating having him home for Thanksgiving. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support while Braden has been gone. It hasn't been easy but when we see the progress he made it is all worthwhile.
   We spent another lazy weekend at home. Luna's case has us so exhausted. We could just sleep and sleep. We did go away for lunch on Sunday and enjoyed a delicious meal. Sunday evening the children were begging for hot chocolate. I am not sure which they had more of, chocolate milk or marshmallows.

After supper we all sat down and watched the video Dean took of our Skype visit with Braden. We asked the children if they are ready to go see Braden and they were all excited. We plan to take them down for a day sometime before he comes for his home visit over Thanksgiving. He will also be home for Christmas and then if all is still going well be home to stay in January.

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