Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Our plans change since my last post, Braden didn't come home for the weekend because the stomach bug came to visit us. I knew we were bound to get it sooner or later but one is just never ready for it. Kiana was sick Thursday during the night. I called Miss Sharon Friday morning to get her opinion on the matter. I was afraid we would pass germs on to Braden who would then pass those germs on to everyone at TAP. We decided to push the visit off a week, so if everyone is healthy, the weather is ok and the Lord wills, I will pick him up on Friday. Miss Sharon said he had tears when she told him his home visit needed to be rescheduled but he smiled when he figured out that he would now be able to attend their Superbowl party. Braden and I had a quick chat Friday morning and I explained that it isn't that we don't want him home, we just don't want to make him sick. He understood but was disappointed. Last night we Skyped with Braden. He was happy to hear about the snow we got. They have a little bit at TAP although it isn't nearly as much as we have.
  Someone told me if you drink 3 glasses of grape juice after you are exposed to the stomach bug, you won't get sick. Kiana was sick Thursday night and we drank juice 3x a day until Sunday evening. I decided if no one else is sick by then we will cut back. Guess what? Joseph and Tristan are sick today! I made more juice. Probably doesn't help a bit but at least I feel like I am doing something to prevent it. Joseph thought he could go to school anyway as he doesn't feel to bad. I told him his teacher would not be happy if I sent him when he is sick. An hour later he was glad I hadn't sent him.


Despite the snow, I grilled ribs for supper. I baked them for 2 1/2 hours then brushed them with sauce and grilled them. 

Dean spent the day plowing snow around work. He came home and worked on our drive till supper time. After we talked to Braden he went out to finish up. From what I see on the weather forcast, he will be doing more of the same tomorrow. 

I am working at marking stuff for a yard sale I am helping with @ Pleasant Valley School on March first. I cannot understand how I can accumulate so much stuff in a years time. I want to sell some of the toys the children no longer play with. I need to price them and bury them in the bottom of my totes or else I find them back in the toy box. What do your children play with? Ours like the Fisher Price Little People and their Lego sets. Kiana also has a My Loving Family dollhouse that she spends quite a bit of time playing with. I have found quite a few pieces of furniture at the local Goodwill. 

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