Monday, January 6, 2014


On Saturday Dean smoked a chunk of venison in the smoker. It was good for something different. He said if he makes it again he will soak the meat in brine for at least 24 hours and then smoke it at a lower temperature so the smoked taste draws the whole way through the meat. 

Sunday evening we made wings and fries for supper. What a greasy mess! It was good though.
Afterward we played games with the children; 7 Up, Mother May I and Red Light, Green Light. :) Dean and I were a tad bored but the children had a blast. Several years ago a therapist told me to play Mother May I and Red Light, Green Light with the children as it helps them follow directions and they are "unknowingly" practicing obedience. 

On Friday I am going to MD to pick up Braden. He will spend a full week at home this time. The home visits are getting longer and longer which means we are making progress! Braden will celebrate his birthday while he is home for his visit. I am tempted to have a big party to celebrate but I know it wouldn't be in his best interest. Big events (and sometimes small ones) make it hard for him to keep himself in check and we don't feel it is right to put him in situations that will cause more excitement than he can handle, as he is trying hard to regulate his emotions.

Joseph went along with me to run errands this morning. When we came home he played nicely for awhile then began to get into trouble. I sensed something was bothering him so I sat down with him and we talked about our morning. He said he doesn't like when people ask him how old he is. I told him they are just being friendly and he retorted, "They say I am old!" Aha! A few months ago when our neighbor passed away the children wanted to know why he died. We told them when people grow old their bodies wear out. Poor Joseph thought now that he turned 6 he was old and would soon die. Poor boy! No wonder he was so upset. I explained that people mean is that he is growing up, not growing old.

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