Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Day Of School!

We attended the Graduation Program at school this morning and now school is officially over for the summer!!!!
Joseph - 6

Kiana - 6

Tristan - 10


We have graduated from Kindergarden!

Kiana and Joseph received these cute cup cakes from their teachers helper.

Mr. Weaver had devotions before the program started. He talked about the report cards the children would be getting. Those cards would give a report of their grades for the school year. None of those numbers can be changed. However, you can learn from the mistakes you made and build on your success. When Jesus returns for us He will look in the Book Of Life to see what kind of grade we got while we lived on earth. Will He say "Well done?" Or will you hang your head in shame? He encouraged everyone to work on furthering the Kingdom over the summer months and on through our lives.

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