Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Week

The past week has been busy with extra activities and celebrating our Saviour's birth. I brought Braden home on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for our family. Things have been going as well as can be expected. It hurts to see how terrified Braden is of forming a bond. When asked what the best thing was about being home for Christmas he said, "the gifts." The worst thing was the relationships. 

We made taffy on Christmas Eve. I told the children if they cheerfully help with the housework we will do something special when daddy gets home from work. 

I didn't get pictures of Dean and the children pulling the taffy as I was to busy wrapping the candy and supervising the pulling process. Needless to say, I gave the kitchen floor a good scrubbing after the children were in bed. There were globs of taffy on the floor and sticky fingerprints everywhere.

Matching dresses

My silly boys

Joseph loved his cardboard castle. He likes small places, it helps him with his sensory issues. He may even color on the walls and mom won't be upset with him. He likes to write his name on my walls and can't figure out how I know he was the one doing the writing. :) Notice Kiana's grumpy face? She has major jealousy issues. Some of it has to do with the losses she experienced, we see it in some of our other children as well but Kiana is definitely the worst. How do you help someone who views things as security? After another of our famous talks we got it worked out and she agreed to allow Joseph to use her art supplies to color on the castle walls if he lets her play inside with him.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and acts of kindness you have shown our family this past week. It is your prayers that are making Braden's home visit go as smoothly as it is.  

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