Friday, March 13, 2015

We Have An Appointment!

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The wheels of the lumbering machine called "a diagnosis" are slowly moving ahead. We have had a kinds of technical difficulties trying to find a doctor who is able to diagnose Joseph with FASD.  We got Braden diagnosed at a Dr. near TAP (The Attachment Place) but I was looking for more extensive services than that particular doctor could provide. NOFAS had CHOP listed among the places one could go for a diagnosis. There were a few options that weren't quite so far away but when I called them their number had changed or I wasn't impressed with their service.
  Last night I spoke with a woman from CHOP International Adoption Program and no Joseph wasn't adopted internationally. The woman got all of the information required to make a file on Joseph and gave us a tentative appointment for the beginning of April. There is another family who is adopting internationally and will be bringing their child to CHOP, however they probably won't be back in the states for their scheduled appointment. So Joseph will be getting that app. if they do make it back for their app. we will need to wait until May.
   Joseph had a Neuro/psych done a year ago or was it longer? That doctor said he doesn't have the facial abnormalities required for the diagnosis of FASD. She didn't take any measurements however so I am not sure how she could be so certain he doesn't have it. At that time I decided not to press the issue and see what Braden's doctor had to say because if one boy has it the other most likely does as well beings they are only 11 months apart in age. We got a positive diagnosis for Braden so now we are pursuing the same for Joseph.
   We have been advised to get Joseph "in the system" so when the time comes that we need services they will be more easily accessible. I hear stories of families waiting for years and years to get the help their children need and we want to help Joseph all we can when he needs it.

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The above quote is speaking of autism. However autism and FASD have many of the same symptoms. This quote fits our situation very well.

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