Friday, April 10, 2015

Cautiously Optimistic

What a morning! I took the children to school then went to the grocery store for ice cream. PVMS is having their annual pig roast fundraiser tonight and I said I would bring ice cream. Procrastinator that I am, I waited until the last minute to get it. 
   Joseph's eczema has gotten really bad again. His allergy doctor told me he wants to see Joseph the next time he has an out break because it didn't look very bad when he had his first appointment. I called the Denver/Stevens office before I went for groceries. They said they don't have any openings until April 20. I said forget it, the rash will have improved by then. The secretary told me I could try their Lancaster office perhaps they would have an opening today. I called and left a voice message, bought my ice cream, dropped it off at school, dropped several prescriptions off at the pharmacy and went to Garden of Eden for fresh veggies. While I was looking over the produce my phone rang, it was the doctors office, could I have Joseph at their Lancaster office by 10:30? I said I would do my best but couldn't promise since I didn't even know where their Lancaster office was! 
   I called Dean and asked him to get the address while I drove to school to pick up Joseph. Turns out, it wasn't in the city of Lancaster and we made it to the office a little after 10:00. When I checked in, the secretary informed me they were waiting for a consent from the insurance company (This is the doctor's office that we had insurance issues with before) and I shall just have a seat until they get the number. I thought, but didn't say that I was going to be very frustrated if I had brought Joseph in and then wouldn't be able to see the doctor.


  We waited awhile before they called us back to the exam room. Then waited at least another half hour before the doctor came. He was surprised at how bad Joseph's skin looked since we had done everything he recommended at Josephs previous appointment. We went over the past few days and I explained what all had happened stress wise and asked him if he is familiar with FASD. He told me I am enlightening him. Uh oh! He agreed that it was quite possible that Joseph is reacting to stress and said he will write a prescription for A---- can't remember what it was called but it is an antihistamine and anxiety med in one! 50 years ago it was used as an anti anxiety medication. So maybe we have found our answer! I don't want to get my hopes up to high but wouldn't it be wonderful if this medication, helped Joseph's anxiety AND his eczema? It would be almost to good to be true!


...we are bored so mom is taking pictures of us

I taught them a clapping game

   We waited another hour while he tried to get insurance stuff straightened out. Then ended up leaving when they still hadn't heard from the insurance company 2.5 hours after we arrived! 
   Lia and Joseph were beyond bored and I was picking my brain trying to keep them occupied while we waited. If we found something that will help, those three hours I planned to spend doing laundry and cleaning will have been well spent!


Yes, I bribed them with french fries if they did a good job while we waited. We stopped at Sonic and they wanted HOT DOGS of all things, so hot dogs it was!

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