Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Name Is Faith

    I just finished watching MY NAME IS FAITH.  I don't know what I expected to learn from the movie other than I was hoping it would be another resource  I could share with people who are parenting a child with RAD or those who say the parents are making a big deal about typical child hood behavior. My heart aches when I see or hear about a family who is coming apart at the seams because their child's trauma is more than they can handle.  
   My Name Is Faith  validated all of my feelings as a parent of a child diagnosed with RAD. One mom shares how she has turned into a person who has a very difficult time trusting people since adopting her child. 
Another mom said she has turned into someone she never would have dreamed she could be. She feels so angry and conflicted inside.
   One of the counselors at the camp Faith and her family attended said they have seen all kinds of parents, even those who do the unthinkable when their child has pushed them to far.
   I saw my pain flowing from a mom's eyes when her child was raging and wouldn't accept her love.
   I saw Braden's terror at bonding in the childrens eyes. They looked so scared and vulnerable but refused their parents help. 
    I know Nancy Thomas' therapeutic tactics are greatly disputed but I would recommend you watch it if for no other reason than to validate that YOU are not the one causing the conflict, it is your child's trauma. You need to give your child a voice so he can verbalize his pain. When he can verbalize it, he will be able to process what happened and you will have begun the road to healing.

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