Thursday, April 9, 2015

Self Care Tips For Parents Of Traumatized Children

I asked my readers for their self care tips. Here are their responses, thanks for sharing!


- Leave the children with dad when he is home and go to town

- chatting with friends

- getting a massage

- receiving and encouragement gift, phone call or text

- week ends away with friends who "get it"

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- indulging in a special snack

- treating myself to a favorite coffee drink

- posting Bible verses throughout the house
- online support groups

- having a therapist for myself, someone who listens and can guide my hurting heart and help me see the truth

- putting my child to bed early so my husband and I can refuel
- eating healthy/drinking lots of water

- having a mentor

- sending my child to school even though homeschooling would help him bond.

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- having a hobby 

- I cut myself some slack. I cannot participate in some of the obligatory activities of the social world and that is ok.

- walking/exercising 

- I put my child in respite 

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