Monday, April 13, 2015


This young lady keeps life interesting. This morning she was outside playing while I was gathering dirty laundry. She yelled, "Mom, I have a bootifull surprise for you, Mom, where are you?" My bootifull surprise was a dead bird, which she laid on the table.  I threw it out and scrubbed her hands. Then I explained that touching dead birds can make you sick and she must not pick them up. She said, "It wasn't a bird mom, it was an eagle!" Don't touch dead eagle's either, I said. Then she changed her mind again, "It wasn't an eagle mom, it was a cuzzer (buzzard)." 

The kindergarden Sunday School class is held in the basement of our church. Yesterday Lia came running up from Sunday School and said in a loud whisper, "I lost my shoes, they are in the basement somewhere!" I found them under her chair in the classroom. That is what happens when I buy cheap shoes, they slip off of her feet and she leaves them lay.

The egg dance.... we have a lone hen that lays her eggs in our barn. Lia loves to check for eggs. Yesterday she told me there were two eggs but she didn't hold the one right and so it broke all over the ground.

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