Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Hike

Sunday afternoon found us hiking the Horseshoe Trail that is just behind our place....a favorite hiking spot when the weather is nice. I had to wake Lia from her afternoon nap and she declared her legs were to tired to walk so Tristan offered to carry her.
Burning energy. Joseph insisted on carrying a 4 inch round "log" as we walked. He found a small stick and pretended it was his drumstick. He beat his drum (the log) all the way back to the golf cart.
Don't you just want to squeeze those chubby cheeks?

Lia is very much a Mama's girl but her daddy is her hero. In her eye's nothing is so hard that daddy can't make it better. I cherish this stage, when their problems are small and they totally trust that mom and dad will be there for them no matter what. Our children are blessed with a daddy who will lay aside everything to talk them through whatever is bothering them. Although they don't always consider it a blessing...it is much easier to bottle everything up and pretend nothing is wrong. When I see Dean stop his work to throw a baseball for Tristan to catch, nail boards together for Joseph or give the girls a few pushes on the swings, I thank God for blessing us with a husband and daddy who takes time out of his busy schedule to meet our needs. 

After supper we played Bocce Ball. Tristan wrote out an invitation inviting us to play a game. Kiana was the mail lady and delivered it to us. How can you resist such an invitation?

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