Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kobi, Our Therapy Dog In Training

only a puppy would fall asleep in a corner.

As we expected, Father's Day brought on the by now familiar feeling's of abandonment and sadness. It hit Kiana a few days before Father's Day and at that point I didn't know what was wrong so I got her journal and told her to write down what she is feeling. She wasn't in the mood and well, let's just say she left us know how she felt about writing. Kobi was lying on the floor and when Kiana got upset he ran over to her and put his paws on her lap n licked her face, then he jumped down and ran to the opposite side of her chair and did the same thing. He kept it up until she started laughing and petting him. Dean and I were silently cheering, YES!!! This is what we hoped for but we weren't expecting it quite so soon. 
Joseph was outside playing but he soon came inside, obviously needing to write as well. Poor Kobi ran from one wailing 7 year old to the other, he licked their toes n faces until he had them laughing. I was ready to say we had a "therapy dog." But later when Joseph had a real meltdown I called Kobi inside, hoping he would help out. He didn't though, he ran down in the basement instead....not that I blamed him, the noise level was pretty high at that point. 

As much as I was dreading training Kobi I must say he learns very quickly. If he has something he shouldn't and we tell him to "drop it" he will. If he is inside and needs to use the bathroom he stands at the door until someone opens it. If he comes inside and Tristan is in the basement all I have to say is, "Go down in the basement," and down he goes. He picked up on "sit" pretty quickly but getting him to "stay" is a little more difficult.

Tristan and Kobi enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap.

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