Friday, October 23, 2015

Kiana Turned 8!

      Just dropping in to say hi. This week has been wild, even by our standards! We have laughed and cried and felt numb all at once, we have celebrated joyful events and wept over the sad ones. Sometime, hopefully in the near future, I will bring you all up to date, but until then my lack of posts should say it all.

    Kiana celebrated her 8th birthday this week. 8 has been the long anticipated birthday because she can say good bye to her booster seat! No more dragging it along whenever she rides in another vehicle. I think her mom and dad are as happy as she is!
          Brownies with purple icing and candles, this year her birthday cake was very simple.

Everyone likes gifts but this girl LOVES them

New books to read and clothing for her doll. We keep birthdays simple and low key around here because our children do not handle them very well. To much attention and to many memories are a bad mix. That combination calls for meltdowns, tantrums and deep grief. Someday I hope the children will be able to fully enjoy their birthdays but for now we celebrate only as much as they are comfortable with. Even so, Kiana came to me before she went to bed and said, "Mom, birthdays are awful days!" Poor girl!

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