Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Appointments And Pictures

Last evening was PVMS spring program. Joseph didn't participate because he said, "Standing in front of people makes me feel sick." I will admit it was a bit of a relief to have him choose not to help partly because he is totally unpredictable and partly because it takes him several days to recuperate from something over stimulating.

Joseph continues to enjoy school. Having his own teacher has been a huge blessing both for him and his parents! I was reading over my posts from a year ago and I wrote that there are days Lia is ahead mentally and emotionally but other days Joseph is ahead, not any more. I didn't realize how much Lia had pulled ahead of him until I read this post. We knew the day would come when she would pass him but I find myself struggling with it. Yesterday Joseph was hiding from Lia, he his beside the rocking chair and when Lia came out to the family room she said in a long suffering tone of voice, "I see you Joseph, your hands weren't hidden!" Thankfully her sarcasm was lost on him and he cheerfully climbed from his not so concealed hiding place. 

My girls are growing so quickly

We have been at the doctor quite frequently in the past weeks. The doctor said I am there almost as often as she is. Hopefully we have a break until it is time for the next round of med check appointments.

Tuesday is "therapy day" for Kiana. She is finding therapy is more of a challenge than she anticipated. Her therapist decided we will have to back off and slow down. I didn't think we were working on anything deep enough to bring out the intense reactions we were seeing. Kiana must have sensed where the discussions were heading and clammed up. Now we have to back track and try to regain lost ground.

The dentist is another "favorite hangout" of ours lately, judging by the amount of time we have spent there. Lia needed some work done and since she did great when they cleaned her teeth, the dentist was willing to do the work himself rather than send her to a pediatric dentist. I was not at all sure she would cooperate but she did great! Her appointment lasted an hour and towards the end she had a hard time opening her mouth, her little mouth was getting tired. She has another appointment scheduled to do some work on the other side, I keep praying she doesn't decide she isn't going back.

I have been reading this book, trying to understand how to help children with weak executive skills. You can find it here. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around ADHD, especially the inattentive type but since I have been weaning from my medication, I have much more empathy for anyone afflicted with it. I took my ability to organize my days work, remember tasks and have the words to explain myself for granted. Let's just say I am realizing what a blessing those abilities really are!

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