Monday, May 16, 2016

Memories and Memory Reconsolidation

  The other day I was reading over some of my old FB posts and had to chuckle at the things my children said and did. I thought I would share some of their escapades as well as a few pictures from the "good old days." :)

2010  -2 two year old's plus mom on the phone for 5 minutes +  lotion, toilet water and toilet paper all over the bathroom floor and moms new covering dented = two guilty toddlers

2010  -do plastic barettes disintegrate when they hit the septic tank? Kiana and Joseph were floating baretts in the toilet

2010 -B and Kiana got my scissors now Kiana has a bald spot 

2011 -my three 3 year old were playing happily with their kitchen set and eating coffee grounds

2011 -1,000 miles on the explorer this week, think I go away to much?

2011 -Why would you pour sand in your brothers undies? I guess for the same reason you would cut his hair and pen him in the closet

2011  -Kiana was picking on Joseph and he came to me and said, "Mom your daughter is fighting your son!"

2012  -the children are trying to decide who built our house, one of them thought it was probably the Indians

2012  -Our training must be sticking! Kiana was upset with Joseph this morning. She mumbled under her breath then announced, "I am going to my room until I can be happy again!"

Kiana getting a breathing treatment with the nebulizer

Look at those chubby cheeks!

This is what happens when mom is on the phone...shredded styrofoam

Off to first grade!

....We are on the home stretch, only 3 more days of school and then vacation! But those three days could be quite challenging because summer vacation means change, even worse it means leaving second grade. I was always glad to move ahead to the next grade but for Kiana and Joseph moving to a new grade is nothing short of traumatic. When they graduated from Kindergarden they cried because they wouldn't have Mrs. R for their teacher anymore, in first grade it was Miss W they were sad to leave and now they are in tears over leaving their current teachers. I held Kiana last night and reminded her of the fact that while she always missed her former teacher, she grew to love her new one just as much. She told me that was different cause, "I like Mrs. J so much more!" 

If you want some good food for thought regarding trauma and therapy watch this link: Memory Reconsolidation. Most therapy works to desensitize and reduce the trauma of a memory as well as creating new memories alongside the negative one. Memory Reconsolidation, creates a new memory circuit over the "trauma memory" circuit, effectively erasing the negative feelings and behaviors that are a result of the trauma. Intriguing stuff and it has great potential, I can only imagine how it could help children with attachment disorders. The best thing about it is that it doesn't introduce any foreign thoughts, idea's or "matter" into the brain. If any of you have used this form of therapy, please let me know. For now I am researching it and thinking of all the possibilities.....

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