Saturday, May 14, 2016

Track & Field And A Dentist Appointment

     The K-2 school trip is now history and Joseph had a good time and Kiana didn't get lost! I am not sure why Kiana was so concerned about getting lost but it was a major source of distress for her. I spoke to her teacher about it when I dropped the children off on the morning of the school trip, her teacher assured me she was already planning to have Kiana in her group of children. We feel so blessed to have teachers who do their best to understand trauma and are willing to work with us to make school feel like a safe place for our children. Joseph bought a flashlight at the souvenir shop. He wasn't home more than ten minutes before he dropped it and it came apart. He was devastated but I told him I was pretty sure daddy could fix it. Sure enough, he was able to put it back together but before he handed it back to Joseph he warned him not to take it apart or he might not be able to fix it the next time. 

   Thursday was Track & Field and the school picnic. Two full days in a row were more than my children could handle. Joseph had more meltdowns in the past two days than in the last month. I have begun wrapping him tightly in a blanket and holding him when he melts down. He is soon calm again and ready to work through whatever upset him. 

Lia had the last of her cavities filled on Thursday. I am so glad to have that behind us! I was worried she would decide she has had enough and refuse to cooperate but I needn't have feared, she did great! When Joseph was her age he sat nicely while the dentist drilled out his cavities but refused to let them fill his teeth. We ended up having to take him to the OR as he had quite a few teeth that needed to be worked on. I was afraid we would have to go that route with Lia, so thankful we didn't have to.

One more week of school and then summer vacation! 

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